Women’s Inspirational Daily Prayer is designed for both women who are new to prayer, and those who want a resource to deepen their prayer life. Bible verses and prayers are short to make it easy to fit prayer into your life, yet informative and provocative to provide food for thought throughout the day.

The idea for this book came after an effort to support a friend who was being treated for breast cancer. I wanted to send prayers that would uplift and strengthen her, but as the months wore on, it became difficult to find suitable prayers. In many prayers, there was an emphasis on sin and the unworthiness of the supplicant that I feared might weaken rather than strengthen her. A woman humbled by illness does not need to be preached to about humility; she needs to be raised up. A woman who is suffering is not consoled by being told that suffering is a virtue. A woman already supporting her family physically, emotionally and materially does not need to be told to be selfless.

Most prayers refer to the supplicant as a man, and humanity as men. Most of the holy people held up as models are men. During my years working in the church almost entirely with women, the constant references to men grated on me. There seemed to be little recognition of women beyond devotion to Mary, the mother of God, and the qualities attributed to her make her seem far beyond the realities of women’s daily life. In this book, I lift up the lives of ordinary women as holy.

Although the book follows the calendar year, its themes are based on the church year which begins with Advent, the four weeks of preparation leading up to Christmas; then Epiphany, the time after Christmas; then a few weeks of ordinary time followed by Lent, the time of preparation for Easter; then the season of Easter that ends with Pentecost, the feast of the Holy Spirit; finally, there are the long weeks of ordinary time at the end of the church year. Ordinary time is growing time, when we use the gifts God has given us during the great feasts of Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost, to grow in our relationship with God. Just as the church year is cyclical, so is this book, and you can begin it at any point in the year. Feast days for recognized saints and other holy women are observed with quotes in their own words, or in the words of others inspired by their lives.

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