“Whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely-meditate on these things.”

-Phil. 4:8


My blog for Holy Week invites you to experience prayer on the heart level.  Holy Week forms us in ways that are only partially grasped with the intellect.  The story of Jesus’ final days, death, and resurrection by-passes our attempts to evaluate, judge, or rationalize, going directly to our hearts and piercing our souls.  We die with him so that we can live with him in newness of life.

Ineffable realities are the stuff of art and poetry, and so I bring you artist and poet Deborah Rosales Nelson’s evocative meditations on the mystery of faith expressed in poetry and fiber art.  Her poems search for the heart of faith. Her quilts evoke Isaiah’s Peaceable Kingdom .  I hope you find them food for the soul as we journey toward Easter joy. Suzanne

IMG_2479the things I want or

think I want when it’s

not really so clear

what I eat what I

feel what my heart beats

for most willingly

what music thrills me

still what soft eyes still

alone bring relief

and joy joy never

ending thy light thy

light thy love thy light

light my way forward



IMG_2484how quick we forget

the pain though feelings

linger long later

how softly dawn breaks

across our ancient

hearts how silently

she reaps the reward

of light everlast

ing or so it seems

only to fade a

gain each night oh quake

my restless spirit

know thy maker well


6-7-2014 4:30 am


IMG_2491the hedges the hes

itations and the


in my position

let me honor thee

right spirit let thy

love invigorate

inspire and renew

my best impulses

let my hands create

worlds seen no where else

let my heart be put

to use loving him






6 Responses to “The Heart of Faith: Deborah Rosales Nelson”

  1. Keisha Battle

    These poems and quilts are amazing. They capture the spirit and energy of their creator. The hard work, perseverance, creativity, and love that went into each intrigue stitch and word… simply inspiring! Love it!

  2. Keisha Battle

    That should have been “intricate” stitch (autocorrect attacked). My apologies…

  3. David Strom

    Deborah Rosales Nelson’s poems and fiber art do, indeed, bypass the intellect and touch the soul directly.

  4. Julie Carpenter

    The heart, hand and soul of an artist united through Deborah’s poetry and quilts. Thank you for sharing Suzanne.

  5. Eric Biddy

    Wonderful. Thank you Deborah and Suzanne. These poems and quilts are a great blessing to me.

  6. Sarah Hunt

    I ponder how to respond to such beauty and feeling —
    Thank you Deborah for sharing.


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