Alive with promise and hope.

— poems of Deborah Rosales Nelson


Morton Arboretum Spring IV

My blog for Holy Week invites you to experience prayer on the heart level.  Holy Week forms us in ways that are only partially grasped with the intellect.  The story of Jesus’ final days, death, and resurrection by-passes our attempts to evaluate, judge, or rationalize, going directly to our hearts and piercing our souls.  We die with him so that we can live with him in newness of life.

Once again I bring you artist and poet Deborah Rosales Nelson’s evocative meditations on the mystery of faith expressed in poetry. The photographs are my own.  I hope you find them food for the soul as we journey toward Easter joy. Suzanne


Morton Arb Spring IIthe master healer

even now is at

your door lantern lit

and ready alert

to movements signs of

struggle sensations

yearning outward and

any whiff of love

what can we do but

do the best we can

do what he has done

as lightly as the

dove’s feathers rise up



Morton Arborebum Spring Vif I can find a

way to release pain

lord let me reclaim

life that eludes me

the leaves are down from

the birch golden they

lie on the ground fill

up the gutters blow

into my hair and

are caught there thank you

lord for all thy love

the life the death the

heart that lies between




Morton Arboretum Spring VIIthe cup that seemed so

empty now o’erflows

the eyes that were so

dry now shine with light

the loneliness I

felt has passed away

living water springs

up now in my heart

whom now do I thank

for all precious gifts

what miracle has

come to rest in me

thee thee thee thee thee


4 am



Morton Arborebum Spring VIif I look for the

resurrection if

I ask what it is

if I wonder how

my life can be made

different alive

with promise and hope

all brokenness healed

then take me lord up

and under thy wing

show me the rise and

fall of thy sacred

flight forever more


8:15 pm


Deborah Rosales Nelson


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