Pentecost, Part III

Fire Grass

Why do we celebrate Pentecost? Are its flames a remembrance of things past, or do they have power to transform our lives today?

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Pentecost, Part II

Sending of the Holy Spirit, Rabbula 6th Cent.

We celebrate Pentecost, the end of the Easter season, with vivid pomp, fiery colors, and beautiful music. As we settle into Ordinary Time, we might have a sense of let-down, of absence. How can we retain the vivid sense of Jesus’ presence that we had during the seasons of Lent and Easter?

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Why Resurrection? Part V

Through the sacraments, and through the ordinary events of daily life, human encounter with God spreads and fills creation.

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Why Resurrection? Part IV

Responding to the resurrection of Jesus or to the presence of the risen Lord is a process, a growing, an integration, a moving toward wholeness. — Morton Kelsey

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Why Resurrection? Part III

Old Basilica of Our Lady of Gu

What is the voice in which the announcement of resurrection may be spoken, the experience in which resurrection can be perceived, though “in a glass darkly;” what is the way we can live out the reality – the promise – of our faith?

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Why Resurrection? Part II

SanClementeFresco-Assumption of Mary

The people of the early church expected Jesus to return in their lifetimes. Since they believed that their evil world would end soon, resurrection posed no dilemma for them. But when believers saw life go on far beyond the lives of the first disciples they had to ask: what is the reality of resurrection where nothing appears to have changed?

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Why Resurrection? Part I

Resurrection implies that there is something about Jesus’ being with God that is not like that of other righteous people who had the courage to die for their fellow human beings. Surely Martin Luther King and Ghandi behold the face of God today. So why Resurrection? Why isn’t it enough to say, “Christ died for our sins”?

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At Table with the Communion of Saints

Chimayo, New Mexico II

We’re not resurrected on our own on some vast, foreign plain. We come to the life everlasting to join the communion of saints, and everyone whose lives we’ve touched and everyone who has touched ours. Just as our life on this earth is in community, so is our life everlasting.

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