Alive with Promise and Hope: Poems of Deborah Rosales Nelson

Morton Arboretum Spring IV

Holy Week forms us in ways that are only partially grasped with the intellect. The story of Jesus’ final days, death, and resurrection by-passes our attempts to evaluate, judge, or rationalize, going directly to our hearts and piercing our souls. We die with him so that we can live with him in newness of life.

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Called to Holiness

Tent Rocks New Mexico I

That there is no formula for holiness is both a relief and a challenge. How do I know what my life in Christ can be? We could decide that holiness is for saints and not for ordinary people like us. Yet deep inside remains a desire to be our best self, to accept Jesus’ call to be fully alive.

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Where’s My Party?

Chimayó, NM X

In the parable of the prodigal son, Jesus portrays a God who recognizes us as Her children and doesn’t want us to be treated like anything less! God welcomes us home with open arms, like the father in the parable. We are God’s children and She doesn’t expect us to be anything less than that.

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Gathered in Joy by the Word

Chimayó Families

The Word, and only the Word, has the power to gather us, both communally–in relationship with each other–and personally, psychologically gathering us together within ourselves. Yet today many people, and especially children, are in exile from the Word of God.

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Freed for Abundant Life, Part I

Desierto de los Leones

When Jesus proclaimed the parable of the Good Shepherd each verse was laden with associations for his Jewish audience who, for thousands of years, knew God as their Shepherd. The Hebrew scriptures can help us discern what heeding God’s call means for us today.

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